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Malcolm X started a global campaign for human rights at the level of the grassroots—working with people and resources within the community. In alliance with this principle; the MXECH builds from where we stand; while welcoming anyone who is unified in cause.  

Umass Boston & City Archeology Dept.

An archeological dig -- hosted by the MXECH in collaboration with community volunteers, the City of Boston's Archeology Department and Umass Boston's Fiske Center for Archeological Research -- resulted in geological data spanning thousands of years and over 18,000 historical artifacts related to Malcolm X's time in Roxbury and U.S. History. Click the link to examine the catalog of artifacts and learn more about the dig!

Urbanica & Artist Paul Goodnight

Alongside the Urbanica center for city planning and development, The MXECH hosted artist Paul Goodnight in showcasing his world renown work and welcoming the city to the 2021 summer, after the second wave of the Global Pandemic. The evening featured a local band, open BBQ and an expose that revealed Malcolm X's presence in Boston. 


Malcolm X Speaker Series & Literary Workshop

Utilizing local scholars in history, science and language arts, the MXECH joined with Dr. Edmund Barry Gaither, and Professor A. Peter Bailey to host educational forums and literary skills workshops. Gaither's curation of the MFA's "Ancient Nubia Now" and Bailey's discussion of the lasting artifacts of the Black Power Movement provided essential knowledge to audiences working in the fields of STEAM.

Malcolm, Martin, Medgar w/ Playwright A. Peter Bailey

The MXECH is working with Professor A. Peter Bailey to  to bring MMM to Boston! Bailey's production examines the philosophies and lives of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Medgar Evers in a a play that takes place while the leaders look down on the human rights movement from the afterlife, or "hereafter." Malcolm's Daughter (Malaak Shabazz) and Grandnephew (Arjun Collins) have had acting and narrative roles in showings of both the play and dramatic reading. Featured is a video of MMM debuting at WNYC!

Exhibition at Dillaway Thomas House

Along with a number of other artifacts the MXECH has shared its portrait of Malcolm X for display. The Dillaway-Thomas House is a museum in Roxbury, who hosts events and tours for the public. Collaboration with the Dillaway-Thomas House allows the MXECH a broader scope to share with the public.


The Malcolm X - Ella Collins House


Phone: (617) 427-7817

NRHP #: 100005455

72 Dale St, Roxbury, Boston, MA

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