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Our Mission

The Malcolm X Ella Collins House aims to maintain a legacy of education and human rights by restoring its historic property for public access, and providing scholastic opportunities based on principles championed by Malcolm X.


Being the only federal heritage site to be owned and operated by the family of Malcolm X, the MXECH is a stronghold of the personal history of Malcolm and the education of liberation that he cultivated while living in Boston and went on to teach the world.


Keeping the ongoing freedom struggle in mind, the MXECH provides educational opportunities that empower global citizens to be advocates for activism, history, the environment and STEM. Additionally the MXECH preserves historical assets to be used as tools for positive social change.

On February 12, 2021, the National Register of Historic Places listed the MXECH as a federal landmark within the areas of Human Rights, African American and Native American History. 


Preservation and restoration of the MXECH requires the execution of a comprehensive fundraising campaign. In order to meet its goals, the MXECH must collaborate with community members, city, state and federal institutions to raise sufficient funds for the rehabilitation and restoration of the property.

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"Malcolm walked into my house. He told me he was going to speak at Harvard Law. After he returned home that night, I gave him a diploma and said, 'you are a man,' from my point of view."

-Ella Collins

         Sister of Malcom X

City, State and Federal Collaboration

The MXECH has worked for decades to bring the education of liberation to Boston.

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Working from the Grassroots

Education is the foundation of the MXECH. Working with students early allows Malcolm X's legacy to take root 

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The Malcolm X - Ella Collins House


Phone: (617) 427-7817

NRHP #: 100005455

72 Dale St, Roxbury, Boston, MA

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